• Organics Recycling is good for the planet
    and good for our community.

    As much as 40% of household waste is organic and can be recycled.
    You can do your part to ease the burden on our landfills.

  • The City of Belleville's new
    Green Bin Organics Recycling Program

    We can keep up to 40% of our household waste out of our landfills by recycling organics
    using the new Green Bin Organics Recycling program

  • What goes in the bin?
    If it comes from living matter, it is probably compostable.

    Check out this handy guide to find out what you can put in your Green Bin.

Organic Waste makes up 40% of household waste.
You can help keep it out of our landfills.

Separating the organic waste that your household produces is easy to do, it eases the burden on our landfills and saves you money.